How to watch on Amazon Fire TV/Fire Stick

Amazon FireTV/Fire Stick:

App from FireTV Appstore:

Currently, only one supported App is available at Firetv Appstore: SMART STB

To install Smart STB:

  1. Go to the FireTV  Home and Appstore. Click on all Categories and enter Movies & TV. Find the App: Smart STB.

  2. Install the App and open it. On the first screen, you see the QR code or link where you can activate the Portal URL. 

  3. Open the given link or their website. Add the portal URL:

  4. You also see the Virtual MAC address (Ex. 00:1A:79....), which needs to be activated in our server for your subscription.

  5. If you have a subscription to us, you can update/upgrade/order or activate your virtual mac anytime in your client area here. Or you can get a free trial and activate your mac instantly here.


FINEST IPTV on Amazon Firestick (Free):

1. Go to the Firestick setting. navigate to the device or my fireTV. You will see the developer option.

2. On the developer option, make sure that apps from unknown sources are ON. Turn it on if this option status shows OFF.

3. Back to the home screen and click on the Search Icon. Now you need to find the 'Downloader ' App.  Please type 'Downloader' to find it.

4. Once the Downloader is shown, click on it and install the downloader app.

5. Open the Downloader app. You can now download your own app by typing an HTTP link.

6. Please type this Finest IPTV app link to download:

7. When the download is completed, open the downloaded file and follow the instructions of installation. (You can find also downloaded app in file explorer app and folder location).

10. After installation, open the Finest IPTV app. You need to type now Stream Username and password

     If you have already subscribed to a service, find your Stream username & password here or get a new trial here

Video tutorial:


IPTV Smarter Pro on Fire TV:

1. Please download the IPTV Smarter pro app using the downloader app from this link:

2. Install and Open the IPTV smarter pro app. Click 'login with xtreamcode API'.

3. Add the stream username, Password and server URL: or

3. Add user and load the channel list.

If you have already subscribed to a service, find your Stream username & password here or get a new trial here


Smart IPTV App on Fire TV:

You can also install the Smart IPTV App on amazon Firestick. Please follow these instructions:

* If you are from UK Location and face problems with watching channels, We suggest using the UK location m3u playlist link.

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